Monday, April 27, 2015

Welcome to How to Birth like a Rock Star

A "Rock Star" birth does not have to be blissful, pain-free, or even drug-free, but it does have to be a birth where a woman feels that she is powerful, prepared, in control, and respected in her choices. This program will give you the information you need to create the birth that you truly want for yourself and your little one. Don't let anything stand between you and the beautiful experience your baby's birth can be! Knowledge is power, and we want women feeling powerful during the births of their babies. This class is designed to accommodate women who are planning for an un-medicated birth as well as women who are planning on using an epidural. Whatever your approach, make the choice to invest your time and energy in making this experience the very best that it can be. Check out the class dates and schedules, and send an email with your registration info to reserve your spot. This is a time like never before where women are taking the lead in every facet of their lives, and choosing what is right for themselves and their families. Decide today to take ownership of your birth experience and arm yourself with the tools you need to make it everything you hope it will be.

Serving women in: Las Vegas, Nevada; Colorado Springs, CO; American Fork, Utah; and St. George, Utah.
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