Tuesday, March 13, 2012

kind words

"I hadn’t decided to birth naturally when I took Laura’s classes. As my baby grew larger and larger, however, I grew a little more restless knowing that eventually he’d have to emerge. Initially, I participated with the intention of learning more about relaxation in the event of an emergency! In no way do I consider myself spontaneous, a thrill seeker, or someone with high pain tolerance. I deemed natural labor interesting, but pretty much an impossibility. Then I took Laura’s classes. As we learned about the power of distraction, the mind, and the miracle of the human body—my body—I gradually shifted course. I also trusted Laura; her education, optimism, and birthing stats can’t be overlooked. I felt empowered by her presence, both in class and during labor. More importantly, she enabled my husband to be a companion in a way we never imagined and we’re closer because of the experience. My labor only lasted 8 hours, and the empowerment I received from harnessing my inner strength changed me forever."  ~Jessie Davis

"We attended Laura's How to Birth Like a Rock Star course a few months prior to delivery, her class was such a comfort to me and went a long way in helping me resolve life-long birth fears. I wasn't sure how necessary a doula would be since I planned to have an epidural birth, but Laura had such a calming effect on me that we hired her. Honestly, I was surprised by how helpful and involved she was even after I'd had the epidural and the pain had subsided. She was amazing! She coached me through pushing, calmed my nerves, and helped us make decisions post-delivery to make sure we got what we wanted from our daughter's birth. She was also the only person that believed me when I first thought I was in labor and helped me figure out what steps to take. I HIGHLY recommend the Rock Star course for anyone who wants to gain a more positive view of birth, we could not have spent our time better!"  ~Jacquie Cloud

"Before I met Laura, I was so turned off to the natural birth scene because to me, it seemed so radical and frankly, close-minded. I have been amazingly surprised about how open, supportive, and knowledgeable Laura and her classes are. There really are not words to express what her caring spirit and empowering classes (with a hint of hilariousness), did to give me confidence for my own birth. For the first time as an expectant mother, I experienced a loving professional who truly cared about me and my needs and wants. Her class was very thorough and prepared me for the best possible birth experience I could have. Then, having her as my Doula brought everything together and made all the difference. I would not want anyone else and will have her as my doula even if I opt for an epidural next time. She is your lady if you want to be able to make informed decisions without judgement and are looking for loving, genuine birth support. I am convinced there is no better."  ~Lyndsey Van Sickle

"I have benefited so much from taking "How to Birth like a Rock Star," from Laura Dugovic. From my first meeting with her, I knew that this was the journey that I wanted for me and my baby! I took everything in, and did exactly what she instructed and had the best, most beautiful experience. Her classes have changed me for a lifetime. I look at motherhood in a whole different light, and I have her to thank for it. Not only did I gain the knowledge on how to be in charge of your birth experience, but I gained a beautiful friendship with Laura. I would recommend this class to any and everyone who is planning on having a baby! I am so grateful for my positive experience and it will be forever etched into my memory."   ~Julie Burton

"I am so happy we took Laura's How To Birth Like A Rock Star class!  She is super energetic and really enjoyable to learn from. It was filled with so much great information and really helps moms and dads feel confident about their abilities and choices as parents.  She helps you understand that birth is a beautiful experience no matter what type of birth you choose, or end up having (natural, epidural, c-section).  You will leave the class knowing your options and knowing that you can make informed decisions that will benefit you and your family.  Our birth went exactly how we wanted it to, and I give a lot of that credit to Laura and the great information she gave us. And though we didn't have her as our doula, I know that she would be wonderful to have beside any momma during labor and delivery.  She is amazing!!"  ~Micah Jackman