Wednesday, January 4, 2012

class overview

Class #1
Rock Star Ideals
Rock Star Parent's Rights
Examining cultural influences surrounding birth
Dr. Grantly Dick-Read and the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle
The anatomy of birth
Using meditation and relaxation to inhibit the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle
The top 5 things you can do to prepare your mind and body for birth:
Daily practices
Morning and Evening Meditations
Fear Release
Partner Work - Birth partners will learn how to give various comfort measures and verbal support to the laboring mother.
Myth Busters
Exercises that enhance a healthy pregnancy and also prepare the body for delivery
Perineal Massage

Class #2
How Stress affects pregnancy and birth
Stress assessment worksheet
Instruction for Fear Release
Bonding with baby during and throughout your pregnancy
Father/Baby bonding
Questions to ask when interviewing your care-provider
Statistics for birth with doulas
Interview questions to ask a potential doula
Placenta Encapsulation and other birth options you may not know about
Nutrition: giving our body what it needs to grow a healthy baby and maintain a healthy mama.
The gate control theory of pain and how to use it to our advantage
Comfort measures to support the laboring mother
Using visualizations to assist the body in doing its work
How to write an effective birth preference list {Birth Plan}

Class #3
How to manage the final days of pregnancy.
Your guess date
Avoiding artificial induction where possible. Learn how to ask the right questions!
Helping baby get into optimal position
Different positions you may like to labor in
Onset of Labor - possible signs that you are in labor
Early Labor
How to time contractions
When to contact your doula, midwife, or doctor
Active Labor
Transition - parents will learn my "Back to Square One" method and know how to employ it for optimal results.
Dilation completes and baby descends
Delivery of the placenta
Post birth interventions: Choices regarding baby's immediate care and necessary {and NOT necessary} procedures.
Delayed cord clamping
Nursing and bonding as a family
Birth companion do's and don'ts. A comprehensive list of comfort measures will be practiced {knee press, hip press, shoulder press, etc etc etc}
Intervention questions. Questions you can ask to help you avoid having any unnecessary interventions take place.
Self-attachment breast feeding

*At the conclusion of your class series, you will be provided with FOUR mp3 files that contain the following:
Morning Meditation
Evening Meditation
Birth Affirmations
Baby Love Affirmations