Thursday, January 12, 2012

Enlightened Epidural

Q: Why should women planning for un-medicated births have all the fun?
A: They shouldn't! So do something about that, will you?

I decided to become a natural childbirth educator because I loved the un-medicated births of my two sons, and I wanted to help other women experience the empowerment and beauty of birth. At that time, "natural" birth was my main focus.  This is likely because this was all I had experienced up to that point.

Then, I became a birth doula, and it rocked my world!

The process of going through my doula training was life-changing, and I came away from it with a totally different point of view. The most important thing that I learned was this: True empowerment in child birth comes from women being supported in their choices. A woman can have an amazing childbirth experience whether she has a medicated birth, an un-medicated birth, or even a Cesarean Section, so long as she is honored and supported in her choice to birth in a manner that resonates with her personally.

But education is key, and it is currently very hard for women to find a great class that suits their needs.

Have you noticed that there are dozens and dozens of childbirth methods out there for mothers wanting to achieve an un-medicated birth? There are. These classes are amazing too! They teach everything from Fear release, to pregnancy nutrition, to post-birth bonding. Mothers, upon graduating from these classes, are birth experts in their own right, and they often go on to have empowered, informed births.

But, what about the moms who want a medicated birth?! Do they still want to know how to let go of fear? Do they want to know how to avoid tearing, or an episiotomy, or a Cesarean Section? Do they want tips and tricks for eating right on the go, exercising, and bonding with their baby? Do they want to let go of fear and walk into the hospital confident and prepared for what comes next? The answer is a resounding YES! Moms who are planning for medicated births still want ALL of these things - but they have very few places to find the education. That's where the Rock Star Enlightened Epidural Class comes in. Every woman should be able to have the birth of her dreams, and every baby should have a safe, calm, loving greeting as they come into our world. In your Enlightened Epidural class, I will to teach you how to achieve all of the above!  

What you'll learn:
How letting go of fear and learning to relax can help you have a smoother, FASTER birthing experience.
How you can start parenting your baby NOW.
How moms and dads can bond with baby even before baby is born.
Rock Star Nutrition
Rock Star Exercises
Writing up the perfect birth plan for YOU.
The benefits of meditation and daily reflection.
How the birthing body works.
Timing contractions and how to know when you are in active labor.
Great coping techniques and breathing to help you through early labor.
Choosing the right care provider for YOU.
Avoiding unnecessary interventions.
Posh pushing. {How to make your baby's birth experience personalized and fabulous}
How to avoid tearing.
How to give your baby the gentle, safe, respectful greeting he or she deserves.
How to navigate your post-birth options.
And much more!

Class Includes: 3 hours of instruction, Rock Star Workbook,  Birth Plan Preparation

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