Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Penny Simkin on Delayed Cord Clamping.

Elephant Birth.
{Caution: Graphic, but all ends well. Baby is fine, and it is incredible to watch the mother elephant's instincts at work.}Animals don't have the ability to have their perceptions of birth shaped and molded by the culture around them.  As a result, they easily go into their intuitive, "birthing" minds, and allow their bodies to guide the birth. As the narrator on the video says: no noise, no fuss, she knows perfectly well what's going on, and she knows what to do. We can know and do the same when we trust our bodies and this process.

Martin's Birth
This video shows how beautiful a birth can be when a woman has all of the support she needs. Notice all of the caring, confident, supportive women she has surrounding her. Just amazing. I also love that they made an effort to celebrate and really treat his birth day like the very special moment that it is.  


Newborn Baby Chest Crawl 
The breast crawl is amazing! Babies are born with the instincts to seek out and latch onto their food source just like every other species....if we will only LET them. Very cool. I actually didn't know about this with babies 1 & 2, but you better believe that I am doing this with baby number 3!