Thursday, April 26, 2012

What does it mean to Birth like a Rock Star?

The mothers I educate and attend to as a doula are all unique, however, while they may come from different walks of life, they all have one thing in common. When they are in those final stages of labor, they are 100% pure, bona-fide Rock Star. It's the title their nurses use to describe them, and the name that goes through my head over and over again as I assist and support them throughout the remarkable process of bringing a new life into the world.

Image Credit:Ashlee Raubach Photography

What you will learn in your "How to Birth like a Rock Star" education series:

* Why are we so freaked out? {How cultural influences have skewed the way we view birth.}
* Myth busters!{Like the TV show, only less messy...usually.}
* How the birthing body actually works.
* How you can work WITH your body for a faster, smoother, more empowered birth.
* The power of your mind.
* Eliminating the fear-tension-pain cycle
* Deep relaxation and meditation techniques.
* Affirmations that will re-frame the way you approach your baby's birth.
* Breathing techniques for every stage of labor and birth.
* Nutrition
* Choosing a care provider
*Questions for your Care Provider
* What is a doula, and what exactly does a doula do?
*Doula Interview Questions
* Safeguarding your birth experience.
* The "Back to Square One" model.
* Labor & Birth positions
*Comfort Measures
* Birth companion training.{Techniques and tips for dads and other birth companions to be at their best!}
* Step by step guidance: A simple, daily guide to prepare you {and your body} for success.
* Baby is what?!?!

You will also receive:

* All of your printed learning materials.
* CD containing: Morning Meditation, Evening Meditation, Awesome Affirmations
* Printed Fear Release Script.

I created this course to:

1. Be more accessible for women, especially those who decide they want to have a natural birth late in their pregnancy. Less classes {3, in total} are required to complete the course, and there is a lot of flexibility in how the classes can be laid out.

2. Be FUN.

3. Be something that the women of today can relate to. My methods are simple, clear, and precise. I recognize that there is no ONE right way to give birth.  I'll help you navigate through the myriad choices that lay before you, and help you make the best choices for YOU.

4. Be NICE. Women and mothers are already so hard on themselves. We don't need to add to the stress of daily life by judging one another. This method is founded upon evidence-based information, and it is intended to help mothers decide for themselves what kind of birth experience they want to create. I was recently asked by an expectant mother: "But will your class just make me feel awful about possibly wanting to have an epidural?"  The answer is an emphatic, "NO." While this method is designed to equip mothers with everything they need to have a successful natural birth, it also has great information {especially with regard to post-birth choices}for any mother wanting to learn more about what her choices are. It's ALL about choices and helping mothers understand that they have them!  Healthy, empowered mothers and healthy babies are the goal.

5. Be simple. My information is easy to understand and the game-plan is easy to follow. You will feel confident as your baby's birthday approaches knowing that you've been well-prepared for this beautiful life event.